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Choosing Attorney

Choosing an attorney is little different than choosing a doctor, accountant, mechanic, or any other professional that can turn out to be a blessing or a burden. How do you choose? Age/Years as Attorney? Rating Services? Paid Referral Websites? Advertisements? Recommendations? Claims of Wins? Get to know your attorney personally and be open to changing attorneys if needed. I am confident that after interviewing other attorneys and me, you will choose PBW Law Firm.

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Guardian ad Litem

As a Guardian ad Litem I take very seriously the welfare of the children. I try to make sure that both parents have the common goal of assuring the best for the children. Everything will be investigated and agreements will be attempted – it is much better to have an agreed parenting plan. Children are not stretchy pull toys during litigation and their emotional and physical well-being must be protected. As Guardian ad Litem I can promote what are the best interests of the children.

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Main categories of legal help are the following (but other civil law help is available upon request):
Guardian ad Litem
Family Law
Disability Law
Small Business Law
Personal Injury Law
Property Law
Probate Law
Social Security Law
Consumer Law
Personal Property Law

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