Providing help to others in our community is a valuable thing.

PBW Law Firm pllc does provide pro bono advice and services as well as reduced fee services, but cannot help all who request free or reduced fee services. Therefore, this page is meant to direct people to some of the available resources online and in the community so people can become informed about legal procedures and their rights to advocate for themselves. If at all possible, it is recommended that you at least hire an attorney for a consultation to discuss your case and review any court documents. On this website will be some information for the general public and more detailed information for clients or former clients and those who sign up for the Membership program (a small monthly fee allows full access) - see the Blog page. This Resources page will be updated with more resources over time. You may also ask a question on the Contact Info page and your topic may be included in future updates to this page.

WA Courts webpage


The Washington Courts webpage has a lot of helpful information. One of the most useful features is a collection of many court forms, some of which are required to be used and others of which are optional. Above is an image of the Washington Courts webpage (you can click it to go there) and the red box shows the link to the Forms page. Once there you can view a list of all the forms on one page or click a category to see a collection of forms on that topic. While not all the forms you may need are listed and all forms there will require you to know what is necessary to complete them (most of them have helpful descriptive headings), you can use them to organize yourself and get an understanding of the relevant information needed. If you start with the forms that you obviously need, then you can meet with an attorney for a consultation to find out what other forms you may need. The attorney can then review your forms wording and provide feedback on what you typed. My office offers a $100 consultation for 60 to 90 minutes where you can have me review your forms and give you advice. Thereafter, you can hire me on a limited representation and pay for the time you need to finalize your documents and prepare for any court hearings.

At the top of the page on the main menu are also links for court rules of procedure (how to do things in court) and links to local courts and their own local court rules (very important to follow the local court rules that may be different in each location). You will have to click a couple layers, but you can find all the rules and information that the courts and attorneys use. The top right menu item is a link to the page of other helpful resources and manuals / handbooks. If you have the time, they can be very helpful in understanding the legal process.

WA Courts webpage resources.

Washington Law Help webpage


The Washington Law Help website is a non-profit organization with attorneys who write pamphlets and instructional materials for many different areas of law. There are many versions of each document depending on the specific facts of the case (for example for family law whether there are children involved or not involved). Although the information may be lengthy and appear daunting, take your time to carefully go through the material as it is very helpful. The legal terms / words may be confusing so this website has a glossary to help understand many legal terms. They also have some videos. There is also legal assistance from an employee for some qualified lower income persons. In King County you can call 2-1-1; outside King County call CLEAR at 1-888-201-1014 (weekdays 9:10am to 12:25pm); foreclosure prevention 1-800-606-4819; and veterans project 1-855-657-8387.

WA Laws website.


You may be able to find the laws and regulations that apply to your legal issue through the Washington Laws and Agency Rules website. If you perform an internet search with terms related to your legal issue and you wish to see Washington laws related to your search terms, then include "RCW" in your search as this is short for Revised Code of Washington; similarly, for agency rules include "WAC" in your search as this is short for Washington Administrative Code. That may get you close to some of the laws and regulations you need to know. One of the skills an attorney learns from his many years of education and years of experience is thinking of the different laws that may apply to the facts of a case and then researching those laws. Instead of stuffy law books in a regal looking library, all the laws in their current form are available online for everyone to read.

Kitsap County Superior Court and Clerk websites.


As previously mentioned under the above Washington Courts webpage, there are links to all local courts through that website. You can also find your local court through the local government websites or doing an internet search. There you should be able to find a lot of helpful information about the local procedures, rules, and organization of the court offices and scheduling. Above is an example of the Kitsap County Superior Court webpage (for the judges and calendars) and Superior Court Clerk webpage (where documents are kept in permanent files). You will have to work with both the local Clerk for paperwork and scheduling as well as the local court office (municipal, district, superior, appeals, and the many administrative agencies and administrative hearings). Each will have its own system and rules.

Kitsap County Legal Services webpage.


In almost every County in Washington there is a local free or low cost legal services organization (sometimes referred to as "Legal Aid"). They can often provide assistance that is more personal and specific than the online resources. There may be financial guidelines to qualify and you may have to wait a little while for assistance, but you can often talk to an attorney about your issue and see an attorney at a regularly scheduled clinic (where you go to see volunteer attorneys in-person for a short consultation). You may also be able to have the legal services organization find an attorney to represent you at a low or no cost to you. As an example, above is the Kitsap County Legal Services Organization.

Washington State Bar Association webpage.


The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) is the organization responsible for overseeing attorneys in Washington State. Additionally, they help the public in many ways. One such way is the Moderate Means program where persons with households up to $127,000 a year (family of 6) may qualify for reduced legal assistance. Not all attorneys participate in the program (I do not) and you may not be able to get a good attorney in time for a court hearing, but it is a good resource for those who can take advantage of it. Also on the WSBA webpage are other resources and information about attorneys. Click around to see all the helpful information.

WA attorney general webpage.


Although the Washington Attorney General's office does not usually provide individual legal assistance to citizens of the State, it sometimes acts on behalf of a group of citizens in a matter of interest to the Attorney General. You can file a complaint online through their website. There is also helpful information on the website that can give you an overview of your rights as well as direct you to more helpful information. Most of the types of legal actions that can be done by this office can also be done by citizens themselves or with the assistance of a private attorney. Be very careful not to lose your rights waiting on their office; if you miss any statute of limitations or other time related obligation you can forever lose your legal rights.

Internet URL WWW slantedThere are many more resources available to people with legal issues. Make sure you are diligent with your research, reading, analysis, and application of information you receive. Remember that once you feel more confident with what you are doing and with representing yourself you can hire an attorney for a consultation to get an opinion on whether you have covered everything necessary to be ready.

Although I cannot list all available resources, here are a few more:

Legal Assistance for Low-Income Households: Northwest Justice Project

Civil Rights: American Civil Liberties of Washington


Immigration: Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Non-Profit/Small Business: Washington Attorneys Assisting Community Organizations

Women’s Rights: Legal Voice

Youth Law: Team Child

Unemployment Benefits: Unemployment Law Project

Disability Law: Disability Rights Washington